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Pouring concrete into the construction of the house. Builders are pouring ready-mixed concrete

Why Concrete Is So Much Stronger With a Bit of a Rebar

Concrete is very vital to a structure’s overall stability. Without it, our homes, offices and commercial establishments will always be at risk of having cracks and weak foundations. Ask any contractor, and they will all tell you the same thing: concrete will always be a part of a construction project’s main deliverable, regardless of what they are trying to build.

With that said, no one can deny how important they are when trying to form a durable foundation that will last for a very long time. However, not many people may know that rebars are just as important as concrete. They are the ones that reinforce the structure as a whole. Without them, concrete has nothing to hold on to, thus, weakening the building overall.

If you’re still not convinced about the importance of rebars in construction projects, we’ve written down a couple of their advantages during and after the structure has been built.

1. Rebars Are Elastic

Even though they are made of steel, rebars are bendable and elastic. That may seem counterintuitive when trying to garner a strong structure that will withstand any weight or pressure until you realise that their elasticity and bendability will further strengthen the concrete’s main hold on the building. 

If you think that stiff is always equal to sturdy, think again. Most of the time, a building must be able to sway with some slight movements to prevent it from crumbling down to its very foundation. Most of today’s modern houses and commercial spots employ this method, much so that they can withstand earthquakes.

2. Rebars Form a Type of Inner Structure That Concretes Can Cling On

Concretes alone may not be able to protect your home or business from the unfortunate occurrence of earthquakes. That is why you must reinforce them with rebars. The latter is laid out to make them look like parallel supports, often overlapping with other rebars that will strengthen the concrete structure more. Take note that this isn’t only done within the foundation itself, as contractors will also apply this to the walls and pillars that hold up most of the roof and second floor of your house. If you’ve ever wondered how your home was able to get through an intense calamity, it’s thanks to the rebars within its concrete.

3. Rebars Allow Engineers To Fix Any Possible Problem in the Structure

The truth is that without rebars, your home will immediately crumble down to the last debris once a major calamity occurs. A block of concrete that is reinforced with the steel bars will not only lessen the impact of the damage but will also allow engineers and contractors to see any crack that may have resulted from it, giving them enough time to mitigate the situation and fix the structure back to its formidable shape. Think of them as your first aid kit, where they may not be able to heal the injury in full, but they can help decrease the risk of having long-lasting damage to the affected part.


Rebars are a must-have if you want your home or business to last a lifetime, especially if you happen to live in a location or region that tends to have a regular offset of earthquakes and other natural disasters. Never let your structure go to waste, and strengthen it with reinforced concrete. While cement may seem sufficient to protect your structure at first glance, the fact of the matter is that it wouldn’t be able to withstand any heavy damage without the help of the steel bars. In that case, invest in a good set of rebars to further strengthen your property.

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