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When Should You Use Custom Mesh For Your Project?

Over the past few decades, the construction world has seen immense advancements in methods, techniques, and technologies of all kinds. As a result, they have helped create safer environments for all.

From newer, more updated proprietary mixtures to support bars, there are all sorts of available tools that anyone can use to improve the safety and durability of their projects. With more advancements being developed as we speak, there is much to watch out for and look forward to in the near future.

Among the different available solutions that have come to life, a custom mesh has become especially popular in recent years. Many projects in Australia have used this particular form of construction technology to their advantage. For anyone building a structure themselves, this begs the question: When should you use custom mesh?

What Is a Custom Mesh?

Before we go on about when you should use custom mesh for your construction project, we’ll need to first go over what it is and how it works. 

Simply put, reinforcing steel mesh is typically made of batches of steel wire that are welded together to provide a constructed layer that you can use for various applications. When added to concrete, this particular resource can give it additional strength and support that helps prevent it from cracking and developing other common issues.

Custom mesh, in a sense, works similarly to other products or add-ons like standard reinforcing steel bars that help boost strength to concrete structures. It also comes in various pre-cut sizes for general applications—but certain providers like Phoenix Reinforcing offer these resources in custom sizes for larger numbers of sheets. 

Currently, reinforcing steel mesh is offered in an assortment of forms—such as:

Rectangular Mesh

This form of custom mesh is made with unequal wire spacings that create a rectangular shape. In terms of practical uses, these options are typically required for jobs where developers need to reinforce walls and floor slabs where concrete will need more strength.

Square Mesh

Square mesh spacings are a type of custom mesh made from ribbed steel wire that is welded together. Compared to other options, these reinforcements have equal spacings in both directions and are more commonly used in modern concrete structures, bridges, highways, housing, and the like.

Ute Mesh

Compared to other options, ute mesh is notable because it’s a reinforcing steel mesh typically produced in a smaller size of 4m x 2m. As the main choice of DIY builders and small contractors, you can use this form of support in pavements, driveways, small slabs, and other smaller-scale projects.

When Should You Use Custom Mesh?

When determining precisely when to use a custom mesh for a construction project, there are a few situations or settings that make it conducive for the best results. To give you a better idea of whether now is the right time to call Phoenix Reinforcing’s experts for an order or not, let’s look at exactly when you should use the solution in question:

You’re Building According to a Tight Timeframe

In some projects where allotted timeframes are short, the risk of compromising work quality to meet a deadline is elevated to worrying degrees—but this is where custom mesh can mitigate such issues. With this type of add-on, you can easily order sheets that are pre-fabricated, cut, and bent according to your measurements without halting on-site work! 

You Want Your Structure to Stand the Test of Time Easily

If you want to make the most out of your construction project,  it always helps to go the extra mile. That way, you can ensure that it has a degree of quality you, your employees, and your clients can rely on. With the help of custom mesh, you can see the right results with your structure and ensure that it never misses the mark and can easily stand tall for centuries! 


Throughout any construction project, any opportunity to make a structure much more dependable and capable throughout any construction project is always worth capitalising on—and the same goes for custom mesh. By taking the points mentioned above into consideration, you can best determine when you’ll need to start using the solution in question for the best results! 

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