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What Can Extreme Summer Heat Do to a Structure’s Foundation?

The summer heat can be hazardous to your health. It can even bring disaster to your home as well. Although concrete slab foundations can occur during wet and cold weather, different issues can happen because of extreme summer heat. 

Water evaporates when the hot summer months roll in and makes the soil dry, causing a structure’s foundation to experience problems. Environmental factors can exacerbate these issues, such as clay soil or drought. 

If you think that you’re encountering issues with your slab foundation because of the summer heatwave, there are things that you can do to minimise and address the damage. Some of these solutions include:

1. Check for Any Signs of Foundation Problems

Since your foundation supports your entire property, any issues will be apparent throughout your house. Some of these problems can be more obvious than others. You might notice cracks on your foundation, exterior bricks, or interior drywall. These are signs that you need to look at and repair your foundation. 

You must also pay attention to changes in other structures throughout your home, such as doors that stick out in their frames or buckling tiles in the bathroom.

2. Do Any Necessary Repairs Immediately

If you can manage to do home repairs, you can prevent the issue from escalating as soon as you spot the problem. If you suspect that your home’s foundation is shifting, it’s best to have a foundation repair expert in the Sunshine Coast inspect your property so that they can confirm any possible problems. Be sure to check out any symptoms beforehand to supply accurate information to the professionals.

The last thing you should do is procrastinate or neglect anything that needs repair. When you ignore the need for foundation repairs, you could end up dealing with worse problems along the way. This could include damage on the roof or significant plumbing issues that will eventually emerge when your house shifts. 

You won’t have to spend that much money down the road by acting now. Remember that investing in repairs is worth it.

3. Keep Your Soil Moisture at the Right Level

One of the best ways to keep your foundation repairs to a minimum is by maintaining the moisture content in your home at a constant. When the soil dries out due to the extreme summer heat, it will end up pulling away from the footing of your foundation. This could lead to rotation as the support system shifts and changes. 

Maintaining the landscape around your foundation can help keep the soil moist. If there are any big trees near your house, you can expect them to draw water from the ground. By coordinating with a foundation repair expert, you can determine if the landscaping in your area is causing you any problems. You can install a barrier to control the moisture level surrounding your foundation.

Some experts recommend watering the soil around your foundation. Although it won’t instantly solve any issues with your concrete slab foundation, it could help in some ways. This is especially true if your area is experiencing a long period of drought or extreme summer heat.

Keeping your foundation moist and hydrated is as simple as watering your garden. Place a soaker hose along the south part of your house, making sure to wrap it around the east and west ends as well. Don’t forget to make it target the areas that are likely to be affected by your soil’s dry conditions. Set the sprinkler system or hose close to your foundation and use a timer to ensure that the system turns on at night to minimise evaporation.


Ensuring that your foundation is in top condition will help prevent expensive repairs down the line. By coordinating with a foundation repair expert on the Sunshine Coast, you can have confidence that your house’s concrete slab foundation will remain intact and will not shift.

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