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5 Ways to Prevent Steel Reinforcement Accidents

According to Safe Work Australia, 35 construction workers all over the country are injured on the job every day. Construction accidents often include slips and falls, getting hit by moving equipment, or hapless construction workers sometimes falling or getting impaled by protruding rebar. Situations like this remind us that safety should always be first out of all things to consider in the workplace.

Steel reinforcement is a job that requires much attention to keep all people involved safe. Unfortunately, there are still situations where it is mishandled, which most likely cause unwanted accidents to happen. Protruding rebars in walking spaces or workers walking around without Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) are just some of the common causes of steel reinforcement accidents. Hazards like these should always be addressed before the start of operations.

Read on for five things to note to help prevent steel reinforcement accidents.

1. Safety Hats as Head Protection

Safety hats are intended to protect the head of every worker. They are the most commonly used PPE and are a strict requirement for every worksite.

The head is one of the most important parts of the body. It only makes sense to protect the head from anything that might fall from the structure. Additionally, these hats are usually painted bright to make workers easy to spot even from afar.

2. Stay Away from Hazardous Areas

The team leader of builders should restrict access to hazardous areas. Injuries usually happen when people are not paying much attention to what they are doing or are simply distracted. Use proper signage to make sure that all workers and even visitors understand the restrictions.

3. Proper Housekeeping

Imagine an empty warehouse; it has nothing that would cause injuries to anyone who goes inside. So it makes sense that the cleaner a place is, the safer it is. Any clutter or stray object can be a deterrent on working surfaces, leading to accidents.

For example, steel scraps left on the working site can rust and cause cuts to anyone who steps or even trips on them. This is why everything needs to be put in the right place at all times. 

4. Personal Protective Equipment

Anything that a worker wears onsite is a piece of personal protective equipment. Common PPEs are safety shoes, safety goggles, a hard hat, and even masks. Hi-vis clothing can also be considered PPE since it illuminates workers’ figures when working at night. Lastly, sturdy and dry footwear can protect the feet and prevent slips and falls. 

5. Other Safety Measures and Interventions

Accidents can happen anytime. Being vigilant is not enough. To have orderly prevention and response to accidents, consider preventive measures and interventions. 

One of the most important measures is to educate all workers about possible hazards. Second, if it is impossible to close areas with protruded rebars, they should be protected by covering them with thick material. And lastly, have an emergency plan in place in the event of injury.


Avoiding unwanted incidents is what should drive people crazy about working safely. No matter how complicated or straightforward a construction project is, these notes should be regularly discussed and kept in mind to prevent accidents from happening.

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