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Utilising Ute Mesh in Different Concrete Construction Projects

Ute mesh is a concrete steel reinforcing mesh used for many different concrete applications. It is a compact 4 metres (length) by 2 metres (width) sheet that is easy to transport, especially for small projects. 

Ute mesh is primarily used for narrow-access areas like driveways, pavement, and precast panels. Ute mesh gives firmness to these concrete slabs by providing resistance to lengthwise stress. It is ubiquitous in many local projects as many sites of reinforcing productions and cage fabrication in Queensland produce and sell this type of steel.

Read more and learn which construction projects make the best use of ute mesh and the pros and cons of using it.

Construction Projects That Utilise Ute Mesh

  • Concrete Slabs in Home Construction

Ute mesh is ideal for use in narrow spaces. Small rooms in a home construction project can be strengthened and compacted using ute mesh. Home contractors also prefer using it as steel reinforcement for flooring projects since this type of steel is easy to transport using trucks. Construction workers also get the job done more quickly when they use it for flooring stabilisation.

  • Walkways and Pavements

Concrete surfaces without sufficient support and reinforcement can easily crack. Walkways and pavements where pedestrians walk daily must be reinforced and made more robust by adding ute mesh. Standard-sized mesh reinforcement can be costly when used for these types of projects.

  • Other Concrete Projects

Ute mesh is a no single-look steel reinforcement. The standard 4×2-metre square is only one of the many sizes and shapes it comes in. While the standard size is excellent for public concrete slabs, smaller sizes are suited for residential gardens’ patios and side concrete spaces.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Using Ute Mesh in Slab Constructions


1. Easy Transportation – Ute mesh is very easy to transport as it can be loaded on a regular truck. However, other sizes may require more comprehensive transport solutions, depending on the features of the steel. For instance, mesh sheets cannot be carried on a truck with an overhang since they can be a hazard for motorists. 

2. Smooth Installation – Construction workers save time by installing ute mesh in flooring projects since the sheets are just laid as they are. In essence, smaller sizes are straightforward to install.

3. Portability – Ute mesh’s compact size makes them easy to carry and store even in a standard car trunk. You can buy it without having to ask for assistance from anyone since it is light. With proper handling techniques, you can carry sheets of ute mesh without difficulty.


1. Cost – Ute mesh can be relatively costly, especially if you opt for smaller sizes. The smaller the steel, the more materials you need to cover a large concrete slab. Using ute mesh over standard mesh can create more overlap points which call for more materials. But this only becomes a problem when you need to cover a large concrete slab. 


Using ute mesh leads to many practical benefits. You must always consider the size of the area where you will be using steel reinforcement and purchase materials accordingly. Use the most appropriate mesh reinforcement that your concrete construction project requires.

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