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Important Tips In Using Mesh to Strengthen a Concrete Structure

Many structures rely on concrete to strengthen their foundation. Regardless if it’s a school, a house, or even your local shopping centre, it is all held together by this solid composite material! 

Just because it seems to hold up the whole building doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be reinforced. One of the basic principles of construction is that all building materials need the help of other materials to further hold everything in place. Even concrete isn’t exempted from this rule—which is why they are often matched with mesh so that the structure’s integrity is multiplied tenfold.

What Is Stainless Steel Mesh?

To further understand what stainless steel meshes are, it is essential to know how they are made. 

Stainless steel bars would be welded together in a parallel formation to create strong support frames. Depending on where the mesh would be used, the frame would be shaped as a form of inner and outer “skeleton” that would fill in spaces between the concrete. In short, stainless steel mesh is the internal support of all structures, assisting concrete and cement in holding it all together.

How Would a Mesh Improve and Reinforce the Concrete Structure?

There are a couple of ways to do this. It is all a matter of proper planning and preparation, especially from the architect and the construction workers. If you happen to be one of them and are still unsure about the procedures, you may take note of the following:

The Positioning of the Mesh

The mesh should be placed right in the middle. The thing about reinforcing structures is that they would need to be balanced to work correctly! There should be no space within the solid concrete that has lesser amounts of mesh. 

Remember, stainless steel meshes are the skeleton of the building, and as with the human body, if you have more bones in your right leg than your left leg, you may find it difficult to stand straight. The same goes for our structures, where the foundation itself should have a centred mesh and cement holding everything together.

The Amount of Mesh to Be Used

While it is always advisable to combine mesh with concrete, it is not wise to use too much heavy material. 

Remember, the mesh is made up of stainless steel. If you would use too much of it, the concrete may crumble under its weight. Luckily, architects would always coordinate with the contractors and the workers to ensure that no one material would ever be over-utilized beyond what is needed.

The Amount of Concrete to Be Used

We have already moved past the appropriate amounts of steel mesh; now, it is all about the concrete mixture. While concrete is a formidable material all in itself, it should still follow the “mould” of the planned structure! Having the exact amount of concrete, along with the mesh, would dry it faster, well enough for the next layer of cement to be poured.


Stainless steel meshes are the main components of a strong structure. While a concrete mix can manage to hold its own when it comes to the smaller sections, the mesh is a must-have for the more significant parts of the building. This is the very reason why every establishment in your local community has to have them internally.

With that being said, the proper placements of the steel mesh, the balanced amounts of concrete, and the appropriate number of mesh structures to be used would either make or break the whole structure—literally! So make sure that everything is well-proportioned and in compliance with the floor plan.

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