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5 Stylish Ways to Use Concrete in Your Home

For the most part, people used concrete only in the exterior features of their home. From the walls and garages to driveways and gardens, concrete is mainly associated with the outside elements due to its sturdy, reliable qualities. However, innovative trendsetters have begun using concrete inside their home, using it as a home decor element and creating stunning rooms that exude style and elegance.

Concrete is now found in many sophisticated and chic home decor due to the unique, industrial, yet natural look it lends to space. If you’re thinking about redoing your home and making it more modern, adding concrete elements will spruce it up. Here are five ways to use concrete in your home.

1. Modern Kitchen Countertops

If you’re aiming for a contemporary home, concrete kitchen tops or islands will put you firmly in that design school of thought. Keeping it in its natural grey in a bright, bold kitchen will create a minimalist yet stunning effect that is sure to set your kitchen apart from the rest. It’s also sturdy, which means you won’t have to worry about keeping it pristine like you would with traditional kitchen countertops.

2. A Beautiful Living Room Floor

A gorgeous, polished concrete floor would create a sophisticated look for your living room, especially if it experiences high foot traffic. Having a concrete sealer apply a sealant on it will give it a matte look while strengthening it, but you can also achieve a magical effect by opting for a polished floor as well. The beauty of concrete is that it is versatile, so whichever way you choose to use it will instantly add style and innovation to your living room.

3. A Bold Fireplace

Many homeowners use bricks for their fireplace, but using concrete instead will undoubtedly draw more attention. It instantly makes your home look sleeker and more modern, and it’s easy to match the rest of your decor to its shade. You can also opt for painting it with brighter colours if you prefer a more vibrant look or a paler, more neutral shade for a more peaceful impression.

4. A Rustic Wash Basin

On the other hand, if you want to achieve a rustic look for your bathroom, installing a concrete washbasin is the way to go. It’s solid and sturdy, and the moisture that accumulates in your bathroom won’t compromise its beauty, lifespan, or durability, making it an excellent choice for a washbasin. Conversely, you can also create an elegant bathroom with a concrete washbasin and choose different glosses and designs to make it gleam.

5. A Contemporary Bathtub

If you can use concrete to make a washbasin, you can use one to make a bathtub, too! Although it’s one of the less traditional ways to use concrete, it’s a great way to create a truly unique bathroom that will last you for several years. Whether you want a rustic, innovative, or minimalist bathroom, a concrete bathtub will instantly transform the space and make it look stylish.


Concrete isn’t limited to outdoor uses. It works just as well when used inside the home and can be used in many different ways. By exploring interior designs that use concrete, you’ll achieve a genuinely unforgettable yet sophisticated look that will give you the most fashionable home in the neighbourhood!

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