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Steel and Concrete: The Perfect Combination for Construction

Most of the construction sites you’ve seen always have a concrete and steel configuration being made with some builder and concreter’s hand tools. Whether these are wall reinforcement, flooring and ceiling foundations, or other significant parts of the structure, their internal mesh combines concrete with a sturdy steel frame.

Steel is one of the most durable construction materials, but concrete creates unique properties that make them perfect for construction. In this article, we’ll discuss why they work so well together.

Main Construction Properties of Steel and Concrete

Ductile Strength

What makes steel the go-to reinforcement for poured concrete? It is the most robust support frame material that also has the best ductile strength. It holds up well under solid weight pressure and bends along the strain while staying uniform. This flexible durability is advantageous for all kinds of concrete projects, from tall office buildings to simple house renovations.

Combining steel frames with cement means applying ductile strength to all parts of the structure. It has additional durability than other materials because steel adapts but stays uniform. Most structural steel and fabrication specialist companies have reasonable prices for steel material because they are an everyday staple in construction, making it an easy, practical option.

Readily Available

Using steel with concrete also has other advantages, first for being easy to weld for customised concrete and steel combinations in construction. It is also easily sourced, either as an affordable supply of new material or recycled material. 

Even steel that has been used in structures that have been demolished is easily recycled. This includes the destroyed cement material as additives to the concrete mix, and the steel bars are reusable in welding in rebar and construction functions.

Same Strength Capabilities

The toughness of steel complements the strength of concrete. They can manage similar amounts of strain, making them equally solid and resistant. This combination makes for strong building structures, walls, ceilings, and foundations. It is also the most durable because of the doubled strength of the framing and top-shelf concrete strength.

Same Thermal Expansion Properties

Steel and concrete have the same thermal expansion and temperature behaviours. They expand in heat and contract in cold temperatures and climates. It is the reason why they are perfectly combined elements that remain in the same state. They are bonded together and have the same temperature-adaptive behaviours. It makes them highly adaptable and durable.

For instance, this applies to structures exposed to expansive heat, such as locations around the Sunshine Coast. The steel-concrete combination maintains and regulates external heat and cold and stays durable and uniform. They remain similarly adaptive through weather, temperature, and other factors that test their strength.

Get Tougher

Our skills and expertise in the applied uses of concrete and steel cover many uses: rebar, construction, reinforcing, and fabrication. Our expert constructions with concrete and steel have given all our projects the most durable structures in our area.

We are your top option for all these construction and fabrication projects. Phoenix Reinforcing’s years of reputation as a family-owned and operated structural steel and fabrication specialist business makes us the strong choice for all kinds of concrete and steel construction and fabrication needs. We’ve been reinforcing the Sunshine Coast area since 2006. Contact our experts for your needs today!

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