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Choosing Between a Custom or Standard Mesh for Your Project

The use of steel reinforcement in most construction projects is essential if you want your concrete structures to be strong and structurally sound and not prone to fractures and cracking. Steel reinforcing mesh provides structural integrity and even extends the life of the concrete much more than it would without the steel mesh. The question that comes to most contractors and engineers is, what type of mesh reinforcement should be used in a construction project? Here’s what a structural steel and fabrication specialist has to say about this.

What’s the Difference Between a Standard and Custom Mesh?

There are several standard options when it comes to mesh sheets. However, a standard mesh and a custom mesh are two of the most common alternatives to choose from. They are both used to give concrete durability and better tensile strength. The standard size of a mesh sheet is 6.0m x 2.4m. Though the dimensions work well for your typical construction jobs, they will not work for everything. This is where custom mesh comes into the picture.

Custom Mesh

Let’s look at custom mesh a bit closer. Custom mesh is a kind of reinforcement steel mesh made to specifications for large projects involving oddly shaped structures. As the name suggests, custom mesh offers much more flexibility and can practically accommodate almost any shape and configuration of your structure.

Custom mesh is made by having mesh sheets cut and bent according to their requirements in an offsite location. These are prefabricated sheets that are then transported to the construction site, therefore minimising disruption to the ongoing project. While a standard mesh is prefabricated mainly, they only follow a specific cut and measurement used on a typical construction project.

Custom Mesh vs. Standard Mesh

In a way, a standard mesh can be “customised” for a larger construction project, but that would be a lot more expensive. When you use standard mesh for a large construction project, you will be looking at additional labour costs if every mesh sheet needs to be cut and bent to fit the project. You’ll be needing large quantities of cut and bent mesh, which would require a large amount of labour onsite. This could easily drive your costs up and cause some delays since work can’t be started if the mesh isn’t complete.

In a situation like this, you’re better off working with a structural steel specialist in Queensland and have them make a custom mesh for you. Having a large number of custom mesh sheets is practically more cost-efficient than working with many standard ones. You should contact a reinforcing steel supplier and have all the custom mesh cut and bent offsite, so all you need to do is installing and applying them to your project. This will decrease the need for onsite labour and speed up the timeline of your construction project, in turn saving you money.


The use of standard and custom mesh depends on the kind of project you’re working on. Both options can be cost-effective solutions if applied correctly. Make sure to consult with a steel reinforcement expert to know which options best suit your project.

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