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8 Benefits of Stainless Steel Reinforcement: Our Guide

Stainless steel reinforcement bars, or rebars, as they are commonly called, improve the tensile power and stability of concrete. This is very important because concrete is strong when in compression, but it can be fragile in high tension. When you cast stainless steel reinforcement bars into concrete, their overall strength will be increased.

If you are wondering if it has to be stainless instead of traditional carbon steel that you need for your construction project, our structural steel specialist shares eight of its benefits that will help you decide:

1. It Is More Forgiving During Installation

Even if you flush with the concrete surface, there won’t be any corrosion risk if you use stainless steel. This means that the entire process, from pouring the concrete to curing, coating, and more, can be relaxed.

2. Its Mechanical Strength Allows for Reduced Concrete Thickness

More significant structures usually need thicker concrete poured, but this is not always necessary for minor construction projects. As such, the stability of the concrete should not be compromised. The strength of stainless steel and its corrosion resistance property allows for a reduced thickness of concrete. This will lighten the structure’s weight significantly and also cut the cost of transportation for prefabricated pieces.

3. It Is Easier to Work With

Compared to galvanised or coated steels, stainless steels are easier to handle. Manipulation and welding will require less effort, and you won’t have to worry too much about the abrasion or any type of damage during installation.

4. It Lasts Longer

Compared to galvanised steel, stainless steel is more durable – so much so that it has been proven to last at least five times longer than the former, even with exposure to corrosive environments. On top of that, it can also withstand rough use.

5. It Reduces the Need for Maintenance or Repair

Because of stainless steel’s strength, you won’t have to worry about spending a lot of money on regular maintenance or repair. Even the expenses for repeat inspections, an interruption for engineering tasks, and demolition may be eliminated.

6. It Solves Chloride-Related Problems

The problem with concrete is that it often acts like a sponge that seeps in water. This is a problem if the rebar used is made of carbon steel as it could corrode, especially if exposed to more aggressive environments like seawater. However, this won’t be a problem with stainless steel, which can solve any problem associated with chloride-induced corrosion.

7. It Has Low Magnetic Permeability

Some structures require low magnetic permeability, like transformer bases, electronic equipment housings, and medical buildings. These are structures that no strong magnetic field should disturb or affect. It has a low magnetic permeability with stainless steel, making it the best choice for these types of buildings or applications.

8. It Is More Heat Resistant Than Standard Steel

Because of its low thermal conductivity, coupled with its incredible strength even at extreme temperature, stainless steel has better heat and fire resistance properties than standard steel. This ultimately ensures the safety of the structure and its occupants.


Stainless steel is indeed more expensive compared to ordinary steel. But considering the many benefits that stainless steel reinforcement offers, such as those mentioned above, it is easy to understand why most structural steel and fabrication specialists recommend it more than any other steel reinforcement type. Whether you are working on a small DIY construction project or in the construction industry, you need to consider the advantages that stainless steel rebars offer.

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